Fairly well, I’m fairly well

I see you’re coming back into the yard

Holding hands, you lover’s do

I want to be near to you

Not much goes on beyond the yard


I had some dreams, some magnificent daydreams

But today they’re coming true

I dug up some bones

Under the rose garden after you left

I took my time, under the blue sky

I waited for the news

Every morning at four thrity-two


Can I lick your face?

Can I have a taste?

I’ve been long to play

I’ve so much energy!


I made up my own games

Mostly of chase

I was ready for the race

And in the neighborhood I heard every trace

But nothing really changed

But today, it’s a bright new day!


Can we take a walk?

Can we have a talk?

I see signs of your happiness, I settle on your cause

Designs of my loneliness, I settle for your cause