The highs do not come in ways

that people on the outside of you would believe

The highs do not occur in times you believe they should be

The highs do not come in forms of trophies or praise

They do not care about money, though you believed they had in the past

They come in the morning, after a dream

They come in randomness

You can make plans that center around the idea of finding or provoking the highs

But even then, those highs are fleeting

Finding the extreme highs only finds you to be more sensitive to the lows

The level is an illusion

Lose the level, there are no highs, there are no lows

It is all just presence


Did you ever catch yourself enjoying your anger?

or enjoying your sorrow?

Perhaps your sorrow was an illusion

Perhaps it was your natural way of delving into yourself for a while

And what did you do?

You resisted it

You tried to resist it

And in resisting it you fought it

And in fighting it you felt pain


You must let everything pass

The highs pass

The lows pass

They ebb and flow

Everyone is this way

Recognizing this in others will result in compassion

Compassion will result in trust

Trust will result in communicationImage