The canyon hill

As I was walking up the canyon hill
The wind was blowing from my back
Many others climbing too
No one leading but the track
And from the top the city seemed
A little smaller but more intact
I’ll have to find my way back down
I’ll have to act and react
I’ll have to act and react
I’ll have to act and react

Seasons change so suddenly
You one day find you’re not well dressed
And so content on keeping up
Never sure who’s impressed
I longed to talk but sent a text
My phone is dead upon this hill
You realize life’s  never still
And always testing your will

You’ll have to act and react

A cup of coffee is our front
Such illusion for what’s at stake
A heart is glowing underneath
You hide it for my sake
Because I’m hanging on to what’s been won
That’s why they climb to the top
Far from herds and hometown girls
To see what is for what is not