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Last friday I couldn’t help but take a bus down to City Hall in L.A. to show my support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.  It is apparent that Americans are wanting change.  And why wouldn’t they?   The United States has become an absolute Corporate Plutocracy.  That any politician serving our country could condemn protesters merely exercising their American right to speak up only shows where these politicians alliances lie.  Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, has called us “mobs” and said specifically that these demonstrations are “the pitting of Americans against Americans.”  Mitt Romney accused the protesters, saying we were waging “class warfare,” and Herman Cain has called us “anti-American.”  That’s funny considering the only reason Mr. Cain can speak out today is a result of the Civil Rights Movement.  Tell it to Dr. King you hypocrite.

Here is a brilliant scheme:  Have the taxpayers bail out Wall Street for billions of dollars, and then sell them that money back to them in the form of bonds and collect interest on it.  These people deserve the guillotine. 

What was interesting to me was the array of reasons for people protesting.  Some were pissed about the imperialistic wars we’re in.  Some were mad at Wall Street.  Some at the Federal Reserve.  Some at Bank of America, Chase, and J.P. Morgan.  Some for Environmental reasons.  Some for better jobs.  Some at the housing market.  Some for the fact that income has not out-paced the cost of services and the cost of living.  But the beautiful thing about all of it is that we don’t need to make any demands right now.  The people just need to show up and speak up.  If you are angry about what is happening with your government, whether it’s the 14.5 trillion dollar debt we’re in, or if you think your veteran son or daughter lost their legs to an unjust war, just show up.  Just show up.  That’s all you have to do.